Characters in Charles Dickens´ A Tale of Two Cities

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He was known for his passion in writing and his way of words. A man once said that Charles was the greatest story writer of all time. He was able to craft fully make a character that was both memorable and taught you a valuable lesson on how to be a better you. In this book I spotted a few characters that stood out to me. It was either their courage or loyalty that stuck out the most. The biggest lesson I wish to share from these characters that I learned in this novel is that it is important to study a person and get to know them before you make assumptions on their life based on their outward appearance. The first character I thought of was Lucie Manette. Lucie is a woman that most definitely showed immense girl power. First off she is able to visit her father that has been assumed dead for years with a calm disposition. She also managed to cure some of his crazy and nurse him back to sanity. Her love was able to bring her family together. If you were to guess she is the heroin then you would be correct. She displays all the elements of an archetypal character. She displays all that is good and is “Wise beyond her years”. Because of her goodwill and loving nature a man named Charles Darney falls in love with her and they begin courting, they are later married. A man named Sydney Carton also falls in love with Lucie because of her kindness and her love for her father. As you can see, she is pursued by a group…
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