A Christmas Carol : Partner Webquest Essay

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A Christmas Carol
Partner Webquest
INTRODUCTION: Charles Dickens is said to be one of the greatest writers that has ever lived. Before we read one of his works in class, I would like you to spend some time getting to know this man and learning what the world was like as he knew it.

Please make a copy of this document to make your own. In this webquest, you will be directed to various links to answer the following questions. (There are SEVEN PARTS and 18 total questions.) With your partner, please answer all the questions TOGETHER! NOTE: ALL ANSWERS NEED TO BE WRITTEN USING COMPLETE SENTENCES! This assignment needs to be submitted to classroom by November 18th. You will be presenting on November 29th with your partner. You are partnered by odd and even student numbers. If you are an even number, please complete the evens, and if you are an odd number, please complete the odds. PLEASE BE SURE YOU INCLUDE A HEADING!

PART ONE: Please begin by clicking on the following link:

1. What was the date of Charles Dickens’ birth?
He was born on February 7, 1812.
2. How old was Dickens when the family moved to London, England?
He was 10 years old.
3. What was Dickens doing right before he died?
He was writing a book called The Mystery of Edwin Drood
4. What famous story did Dickens write in 1843?
He wrote the story A Christmas Carol.
5. List two other stories that Dickens is famous for.
Two stories

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