Characters in Hamlet and Claudius

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1. How much time has passed between Act 1 and Act 2? How do you know? (Keep watching for evidence.)

2. What is Polonius telling Reynaldo to do? What does this tell up about Polonius and his way of thinking and acting? Polonius is directing Reynaldo to question Laertes' friends to find out what Laertes is up to in France. Reynaldo must accuse Laertes of false offenses, not any too consequential, in order to find out the truth of his behavior. Reynaldo and Polonius seemed used to the idea of following others around and being clever and well thought in their methods, so it would seem that Polonius is one of suspicion and mistrustful of even his own son.

3. Why is Ophelia so upset when she enters at What has happened
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I can no longer tell when Hamlet is acting and I only have a guess at why. Hamlet's madness could be explained by his father's murder, not as much from his mother's marriage, but unknown correlation with Ophelia's love. As the context about their love was only given in conversation and the actual scene of both of them together has not occurred, I can only assume (from Laertes' and Polonius' reactions) that Hamlet was in love with Ophelia but was strongly rejected by Ophelia obeying Polonius. However, I doubt denied love is the source of Hamlet's insanity, as he seemed to distrust women after Gertrude's marriage, previous to Ophelia's denial.

3. What results have come from Cornelius' and Voltemand's trip to Norway? Has Claudius' use of diplomacy rather than war been justified? What will Fortinbras be doing next? Can we expect to see him in Denmark after all? Why?
The news presented by Cornelius and Voletmand informs the audience that young Fortinbras' uncle, when received news of Fortinbras going against Denmark instead of the Polack, had ordered Fortinbras to stop and instead go against the Polack. Fortinbras had vowed to obey his uncle and in result was given money and pay for soldiers to go against the Polack instead. Claudius' diplomacy has been proven to prevent a bloody war. Fortinbras will be marching with his army through Denmark, if Claudius
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