Charles Darwin and Human Evolution in Intelligence Essay

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The great and famous Charles Darwin is still remembered today after almost 2 centuries had passed. He was one of the most significant scientists to change how we view this world. Life, as we know it, was changed by Charles Darwin. But I don’t believe that looking at the present will help in any way so I will take back to the past. It is a fact that throughout history people have always believed in some sort of god. Some religions were weak and have come and gone, where others have come and stayed. Many historic wars were fought for a god. So I believe it is safe to say that religion was the most important thing in life for everyday people. Then comes the renaissance, a time of successful new art, science and new ideas. Humans came out of …show more content…

An example of an analogous structure would be the wings on butterflies, bats, and birds. The human appendix is another example. It is no longer used in the human body but it is still there. However this is because we evolved so much that we no longer need to use an appendix to survive. Another important example would be the development of an eye in both mollusks and vertebrates. This example of analogous structures is especially useful because one of most common claims made by religious creationists is that something as complex as an eye couldn't possibly have evolved naturally - they insist that the only possible explanation is a supernatural designer (which is always their god). However if you see the eye of a hawk and the eye of a human they greatly differ. This shows that the eye of the hawk has evolved more due to its environment and its hunting characteristics. On the other hand, the human eye is rarely used to find something a small as a rat from a thousand feet away. The fact that the eye in different species are analogous structures proves that the eye could evolve naturally, but also that it in fact evolved several times, independently, and in different ways every time. The same is true of other analogous structures as well, and this is because certain functions (like being able to see) are just so useful that it's certain they will evolve eventually. No supernatural beings, whether gods or not,

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