Charles Darwin 's ' Inherit The Wind By Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee

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Charles Darwin once wrote “I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men,” a bold statement that epitomized his experimental and revolutionary approach in science during his lifetime. Darwin’s controversial Theory of Evolution caused a paradigm shift in the centrally fundamentalist society of his time. Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee was loosely based on the historical Scopes Trial in 1925; the trial exemplified conflicting beliefs between evolution and creationism. In the play two men represent two opposing forces at large— lawyer Henry Drummond advocates for man’s right to think and “right to be wrong.” while politician Matthew Harrison Brady complies to the Bible’s teachings or "Living Truth of the Scriptures.” Comparatively, Drummond and Brady are analogous in that they are both respectable, well-known, and fairly confident men willing to fight for their causes in valiant manners. Drummond and Brady similarly hold notable positions in their society, however, essentially serve as character foils to each other, varying greatly in differences between their own set of values, intentions, and mindsets. Drummond and Brady both yield adamant positions in the case. Drummond serves to defend Bertram Cates, the underdog, while Brady volunteers as prosecutor to stand up against the “moral injustices done unto the innocent children of Hillsboro." Nevertheless, their mentalities in participating in the case prove to be different as Drummond displays

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