Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Research Paper

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Through the Looking Glass of the Twenty-First Century Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, more commonly known as Lewis Carroll, rose to fame from the birth of Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass. While he became a celebrated author among children and adults alike, conspiracies arose concerning his life outside the glamorized, innocent light from which the Victorian masses viewed him. Many modern critics have called into question Dodgson’s relationships with young girls, specifically holding a microscope under his interactions with Alice Liddell, the girl that inspired his famous tale. Despite the mix of reckless and groundless claims, Dodgson’s relationship with little girls never went beyond the confines of friendship. The relationship between …show more content…

Many modern instigators have found ways to disguise their baseless claims and make them seem palatable enough to cause speculation and uncertainty(Imholtz 3).It is from these reckless writers that the general public becomes misleaded over Dodgson’s intentions with young Alice; shown in the first manuscript Dodgson had written a heartfelt message commemorating the days he’d spent with the small group of children who’d listen to his stories (Jaques and Giddens 10). it is from their negligence that they overlook the truth and only feed into speculation driven by opinion rather than backed facts. They overlook the tender dedication Dodgson had for his story, it is understandable that his muse, Alice, would also receive that same treatment, but to back their claims with dismissed rumors and things spoken out of context is ludicrous. Writers such as Karoline Leach have taken the relationship between young Alice Liddell and Dodgson and stretched it into fiction. In actuality, Dodson’s had many relationships with many young, but appropriately aged, woman, including Alice’s older sister,

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