Charles Perrault's Blue Beard

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Analysis of Blue Beard by Charles Perrault Introduction Bluebeard, a fairytale by Perrault, is about an affluent man who is known and revered on account of his despicable blue beard. Even though he has had several wives, their whereabouts are a source of mystery. As such, Bluebeard purposes to persuade one of his neighbor’s daughters to take his hand in marriage. Eventually, his efforts pay off and he ends up tying the knot with one of his neighbor`s daughters. After some time has passed in their marital union, Bluebeard announces to his wife that he must set off on an important journey. Before commencing on his journey, he gives the castle`s keys to his wife and the liberty of having access to all the rooms apart from a single room.…show more content…
In this story, the minor characters include Anne, Bluebeard`s neighbors and the friends to Bluebeard`s wife. Plot The plot or sequence of a story is the order in which events in a story take place and how these events are related to one another. The integral components of a plot include: the exposition, the climax, the conflict and the resolution. The beginning of the story or the exposition may be defined as the insight the author gives the audience concerning the location or time in which the story is set and the characters in the story. The information provided usually aids the audience in better understanding the behaviors and actions of the characters in the story. For example, in the fairy tale Bluebeard, the author begins by describing Bluebeard. Through this description, the audience notices that an element of mystery surrounds him. Conflict often arises when two parties have conflicting or different opinions on a given matter. In this folktale, conflict arose between Bluebeard and his wife. Upon returning to his home, he notices his wife’s reluctance in returning his set of keys to him. As a result, he deduces that she must have opened the forbidden room. He resolves to kill her, as he did to his previous wives, but before executing her he grants her some time to pray. He soon grows impatient and demands she goes down and meet her fate. This captures the audience’s attention as they await the outcome. Will he

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