Kibbles: A Short Story

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Once upon a time… a dog named Kibbles strolled around to find a home. It was a sweltering July day. However, weeks elapsed and there was still no one who would take Kibbles.

“Why won’t anybody take me into their arms for love and care,” Kibbles asked.

Then one day, a father and their kid saw Kibbles lonely and afraid. How could they ever ignore such a helpless animal?

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, can we please take him,” asked the daughter.

“I don’t know; we have to ask Mommy first,” the dad told his daughter.

“Please,please, please………..,” the daughter begged.

Dissension over what to do, the Dad finally decided.

“Ok, we’ll take the dog; we just have to hide him from Mommy,” the dad said.

The next day, Kibbles felt like he was being lionized. The
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In addition, he wanted to start crying. Then the dad came into the room. He was shocked to still his daughter crying.

“What happened?” the Dad asked.

“Daddy! “I don’t think I want to keep him anymore” the daughter said.

It was a bizarre thing he just heard.

“But why?” “I thought you wanted a dog, that’s why we worked so hard to hide him from your Mother.” the dad said frustrated.

Then the door opened, it was mom.

“Honey, I can explain,” the dad said nervously.

“Why is there a dog in my daughter’s room?” the Mom said in a state of anarchy.

“ Well…. we found him wandering around the streets,” the daughter said.

“Honey, how could you bring a dog in the house without asking me!” the Mom said, frustrated.

“I didn’t know if you would allow a dog in the house,” the Dad said.

“Well do you want to keep him?” the Mom said to the daughter.

“Oh yes, I promise I’ll take care of him.” the daughter said with a relief.

“Ok then, you can keep the dog,” the Mom said.

After what kibbles heard, he was relieved that the mom didn’t kick him out. Although there was madness going everywhere, Kibbles couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with his new
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