Charlie In The Movie Case Study

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1. Using evidence, explain if Charlie has a mental illness? Describe the symptoms and behaviours that are specific to the mental illness that you believe he has?

Throughout the film, Charlie was an interesting character whom faced many challenges and scenarios, that were believed to be difficult for him as an individual to process and go through. Early in the film, Charlie showed signs of deviant behaviour as he was socially awkward and had difficulty in engaging in conversations within the class when the teacher asked questions. It was also difficult for Charlie to maintain conversations, speak publicly and do so to authority figures. In addition, Charlie showed signs of nervousness when being invited and attending social gatherings/parties. Charlie also sat alone in the cafeteria and avoided social contact. These feared social situations evidently show a prime example of Social Anxiety Disorder. Symptoms including trembling, nausea, dizziness, blackouts and turning red are signified. It is clearly shown within Charlie’s character that he avoids social scenarios and is extremely introverted (American Psychiatric Association 2016).

Charlie also seemed depressed in various situations throughout the movie. Charlie would consistently fall under personal distress when he had flashbacks of the death of his aunt in a car accident. He believed that it was his fault for her passing. Charlie was also bullied early in the film as well as avoiding to tell his parents about his

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