Charlotte Bronte 's Jane Eyre

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Matthew Fastiggi Jane Eyre Essay There is perhaps no human emotion that can evoke feelings of both utter despair and incredible joy like love can. Throughout the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane searches tirelessly for love while living in a mostly cruel and heartless world. Jane’s journey goes from a childhood doll being the entirety of her love to marrying Mr. Rochester, the love of her life. This is symbolic of the massive change Jane undergoes throughout the novel and how love affects her. Two prominent characters in the novel who have profound effects on Jane’s outlook and feelings toward love are St. John and Mr. Rochester. The differences in Mr. Rochester’s and St. John’s outlook on love affect Jane by creating two vastly different relationships and leading her to reach her own conclusion on what it is to be in love and to be happy. Rochester, much like Jane and much unlike St. John, is constantly in search of love until he stumbles upon Jane. A large part of Rochester’s life is spent in search of love. The arranged marriage between Bertha and Rochester, a possible social critique by Bronte, ends in absolute disaster, and sends Mr. Rochester on a quest to find love. A well-established man such as Rochester should have no trouble finding a marriage partner, but he meets heartbreak a countless number of times at the hands of Celene Varens, Clara, and other women. When Mr. Rochester is speaking to Jane after their failed wedding, he mentions that the women he
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