Charlotte Latin School Honor Code

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Our school community abides by a strict honor code. We believe honesty comes before all other values. Our team kept these morals in mind and adhered to them for all aspects of our project. Our school's honor code states: "As a member of the Charlotte Latin Community, I am responsible for upholding and promoting honesty, trust, respect, fairness, and justice in all venues of School life. To maintain personal integrity, I will not cheat, lie, steal, or plagiarize. I will do my best to raise awareness of the importance of honor for the purpose of making Latin a better place to learn and work. I understand the Charlotte Latin School Honor Code and will uphold my HONOR ABOVE ALL." In order to complete our project on time, we needed to divide and assign the different tasks that make up this project. During several days of the week during the months…show more content…
Ripharambe was responsible for editing our team's webpage. Our website is an important aspect of our project because it informs others of our project (like subject matter experts we interviewed), and it helped us to document the design process as we modified each prototype. Clorox how to fluently use 123Design, an updated CAD software, in our school's Fab Lab, certified by MIT. He taught the other three members how to use this software so that we could all design and 3D print parts we needed for our prototypes. Ripharambe, Clorox, and Dichotomous are enrolled in advanced engineering at our school and were able to learn how to used 2D design software, called Inkscape, to laser cut and 3D print together. We, then, taught Whales this skill to ensure that all members were trained on the equipment available in our Fab Lab. Dichotomous ordered the needed fans and took part in testing each prototype. While we all had assigned jobs, the entire team took part in designing, testing, building and assembling the
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