Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Simone De Beauvoir, and Virginia Woolf: Champions of Equality for Women

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Many philosophers have argued that freedom should be applied to men in society. They argue that men should have both physical freedom and the liberty to express themselves. However, not many philosophers take into account the freedom and equality that women should have by nature. In the women’s case, equality is a necessary condition of freedom. In the works by women philosophers Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Simone De Beauvoir, and Virginia Woolf, an analysis on their works shows that these authors believe equality is absolutely a necessary condition of freedom for women. Due to the presence of and dependence on men, women are deprived from using their freedom to expand their knowledge, reason and their social standing. Thus, women don’t …show more content…
She believes this inequality deprives women to be able to use their reason and freedom to their advantage. Gilman also says, “her confinement to the four walls of the house, have done great execution of course, in limiting her ideas, her information, her thought processes, and power of judgment”(Gilman 66). This confinement of women into the position of housewife is a way in which men deprive women of using their freedom to achieve the greatest potential they can. Women might be free physically but they are not free mentally. After women submit into marriage, they are enclosed and put into bubbles in which they are not allowed to think anything that men do not approve of that might be a disadvantage to them. Women owe everything they have to men and in return women are forced to pay the men back through domestic labor, enslaving themselves to male dominance. Men deprive women from the freedom to decide and they direct all the domestic activities women perform. Because of this system, the unequal distribution of power has not allowed women to have power over themselves and instead are enslaved in a cage and not free to exercise and expand their knowledge and reason.
In addition to Gilman’s argument about marriage inequality she also goes on to say that women should change their cultural identities and take control of themselves by
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