Chasing Success

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We humans, are the most remarkable species on the planet earth. We have travelled vast lands, explored great oceans and settled down creating the greatest race on earth. We evolved with time, with the ambition to reach for the skies and determination to max our full potentials. However, we have been implanted with this code, this idea that the true meaning of life is to be successful and without it your life is meaningless. We are raised with this belief that without success no one will care about your existence. Without success you won’t be able to get a car from a dealer, a credit card from a bank nor respect from the people around…show more content…
As Llosa writes “Literature has been, and will continue to be, as long as it exists, one of the common denominators of the human experience.” He knows that literature is the key that will liberate us from choosing the wrong path and lead us to a more enlightened future. We should realize that just because the society fails to keep up with literature and its importance, we should not let it fade with time. Even though science and technology plays an important role in our lives, it doesn 't necessarily mean we should give up on our tradition. We can 't afford our desires be controlled by the society, if one has the desire to pursue art but the society only acknowledges engineers and software developers, that should not force him to change his goal. There is something more important than a fat payroll and vacation in the Bahamas, its called happiness and it only comes to those people who pursue what 's in their heart. Reading makes us think more critically so we don 't end up making the bad decision that will lead to a miserable life. Our mind is a beautiful thing, it can create many beautiful things without any boundaries. It is a gift that everyone of us is blessed with and its up to us if we want to shut it down and let the society lead you or you cherish it with your own individual values. Learn how to believe in yourself and make the decision with your heart, so that the society can’t stop you from being who you are. Being part of a large crowd does not make you
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