Cheating Is A Big Issue Essay

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Soni Nguyen
Kate Brennan
ENG 100
17 November 2016
Assignment #4 Cheating is a big issue in today’s world. Students resort to cheating for many different reasons. Whether they have a lot of work to do or just being very lazy and want to get the assignment done, students cheat in everyday life. In prestigious schools like Harvard, it was found that students have admitted to cheating on an assignment or a paper. There have been ways to block students off from cheating but there are always new ways and solutions to cheat. Surveys have been taken at many colleges and in every survey taken, the majority was always in favor to students who have cheated. Cheating has not been a new topic of issue because it has been controversial for a long time. Surveys taken back then compared to today were similar in the results. In both surveys, majority of students have admitted to cheating on an assignment or paper. Cheating will not be stopped because students will not stop and there is no way to prevent students from doing it. Teachers may block things off to prevent cheating but students will come up with new ways to cheat. In “Slip Sliding Away Down the Ethical Slope” by Robert J. Sternberg, he explains to the readers that cheating is not an ethical thing to do. He explains that there is a process to behave ethically. Sternberg explains that professors expect students to act ethically and that it is a norm that students should behave and act ethically. He also believes that behaving

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