Checklist for an Effective Literacy Program

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My response from my checklist for an effective literacy program revealed that I am a very animated teacher. I encourage my students to laugh with me building a positive relationship. I found that my students enjoy my lessons when I bring in prior experiences. Modeling the lesson with humor capture the student’s attention and they are eager to participate and collaborate with the peers and teachers. My strength demonstrates that I model all my lessons and make them student friendly. I plan and model my lessons by incorporated and adapted the skills to students’ individual needs. I also teach cross curriculum allowing students to build from each core subject. During the lesson I use hands-on activities to capture the student’s attention…show more content…
I will use the Literature circle to enhance the student’s ability to collaborate on a higher level so that they can move toward independent readers, molding them to integrate in a powerful classroom activity that will activate their critical thinking skills. I will do a book study and have students to meet and discuss the importance of rotating their roles giving everyone an opportunity to share the responsibility. I will teach how to highlight in different colors distinguishing each student reading. I strongly support this because this is one sure way to increase student’s scores on the writing assessment. I will use data from each book study to assess student growth. I will create a spread sheet with the beginning score of the reading results from each book and compare them with the results from the books throughout the course. Monitoring these results will show their growth as they read in their literature circles. Integration cross curriculum I will integrate technology enabling students to learn from other students in different states or countries. The webinar is a great strategy to use because all states and countries have different strategies that can improve student’s comprehension, fluency and writing skills. This allows me to move away from the text and use the internet to drive instruction. For example, as a Language Arts Teacher I can integrate math, science and
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