Literacy Lesson Strategies

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There are three important frameworks teachers should think about when developing lesson plans. The first one is literacy lesson format. This format has three different steps, which include: introducing the text, reading and responding to the text and extending the text. When introducing the text the student previous knowledge should be activated about the subject and the students should develop their own purpose for reading the text. When responding to the text students should do this over the course of the reading. By the end they should be able to go back and summarize what they read while answering any questions they may have acquired while reading. Finally the students should extend the text by making personal connections with the text…show more content…
Each of these modes is used to help meet the needs of each child in the class. Instead of just focusing on one mode the students are introduced to multiple modes throughout their learning. The five modes for reading include; independent reading, cooperative reading, guided reading, shared reading and read-aloud. Independent reading is when students read to themselves. Cooperative reading is designed for a small group of students to take a book or a passage and take turns reading. Guided reading is designed to help readers develop fluency. Shared reading is when the teacher reads a book to the students and then asks them to respond. Students could respond using art, drama, writing, or other ways. Read-aloud is used to help children better understand a certain reading. Read-aloud could also be used for a teacher to help the students decode a difficult piece of material or a material that may be at a higher reading level than they are able to…show more content…
Reading aloud can be used to provide motivation and enjoyment, build background and develop academic vocabulary, teach specific strategies and skills for comprehension, and model fluent reading. Along with these purposes there are two different kinds of read-alouds: general and instruction. A general read aloud is used to great enjoyment in reading for the students and also create a motivation for students to read independently. Instructional read-aloud builds background knowledge for the students and introduces new concepts they may have not heard or learned
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