Cheerleading Is Not An Extracurricular Activity Essay

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“Cheerleading is not an extracurricular activity. It is a sport, a sport of academic discipline.” Crowds have been cheering since the begininning of sports, however it wasn’t until the late 1800s that organized cheering was introduced. A man named Mark Peebles brought cheerleading with him to the University of Minnesota and started to create a specific set of cheers for different times during the games. Another student however, named Johnny Campbell, decided to take cheering to a whole new level by organizing a team to lead the crowd during the games. From November 2, 1898 to today Campbell is known as the world’s first cheerleader. Cheerleading has been and should be today known as a sport because it has evolved to become more athletic, competitive and dangerous as any other sport. Seeing cheerleading as a sport will give these athletes the respect and aknowledgment of their accomplishments and achievements, get the safety standards deserved, and “recognition that a traditional female activity can also be a sport (Gonzalez).” In 1883, the progression of chanting and cheering in unison at sport games was started in Great Britian. The first official cheer on the other hand, wasn’t performed until 1884 in Princeton, New Jersey at Princeton University. In fact the sport, was actually started by men in 1903 and was dominated by them until about the 1920s. Women started joining the squad in 1923 and dominated the sport when the men went to fight in WWII. That is when
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