Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear Weapons

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A Master Thesis (Draft)

Submitted to the Faculty of American Public University by Brock A. Lindsey

Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts
July 2015

American Public University
Charles Town, WV

The reality that countries like North Korea, Iran, and Iraq are working on ballistic missiles. And that terrorists who fly no national flag are trying to acquire chemical and biological weapons.
-George J. Tenet, June 14, 2001

I. Introduction Terrorism is far from new to nations around the world. Attacks that make the headlines in international news occur almost daily. However, each act of terrorism provides its own goal or objective, which may or may not have a different aim than a previous attack, which makes the threat even more difficult to prevent. Terrorism is a concept that is hard to define, but many government organizations and authors around the world have defined or attempted to provide a definition of terrorism. In spite of the lack of a single definition, terrorism is commonly referred to as a phenomenon because it is constantly evolving. This, in turn, makes terrorism even more difficult to predict and forecast.
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) have been a significant fear since the attacks of 9/11. Al-Qaeda’s use of airplanes as a weapon became the cause of mass terror and destruction to the American people as well as the world. The threat of Chemical, Biological,

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