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The Cherokee role in the American society was an ongoing battle amongst closed minds and sheer ignorance to rights of original land owners. For years the fight over land was the dividing instrument amongst the new citizens of a new, free country and the traditions of the Cherokee people was being pushed back into the west.

Since international law said that England had discovered the American colonies, they therefore owned all of the land. That meant that the natives or "uncivilized" people no longer owned the land. This group of the "uncivilized" consisted of many Indian tribes which were forced out of their homeland, including the Cherokee.

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His belief was that the tribes were independent nations that should be recognized and respected. He felt that the United States government had a moral obligation to protect the Cherokee and other tribes' land and their future, because he knew it would be a better outlook for both the citizens and for the country as a whole in the years to come.

Washington and Knox believed that "Uncivilized characteristics in Indian life existed because Native people knew no better...their `inferiority' was cultural, not racial." Therefore, they saw no reason why the Indians couldn't become civilized, and went to work trying to make them such. To most white Americans, someone who acted "civilized" meant that they were submerged in the contemporary American culture of their time. To be civilized was to speak, dress, act, and worship as they did.

In order to begin their "civilization" project, there were a few first steps that were taken towards the goal of making the Cherokee a part of the American society. Washington and Henry Knox worked towards a plan to buy back the land that had been illegally used, and to negotiate a new treaty between the Cherokees.

One of the major things that was done to "civilize" them was to send out missionaries. The U.S government recruited people to live among the Cherokee and teach them how to be a part of their society. The missions

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