Chesapeake Bay Prevention Essay

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Prevention is necessary to control many problems in the Chesapeake Bay. Prevention can range from something as big as a government issue or as small as a single person helping out. The greatest chance at total protection for water quality is when many people and organizations work together to prevent problems. According to the Chesapeake Bay Program, “Federal, state and non-profit Bay Program partners are working with farmers, developers, homeowners and local governments to reduce pollutants from multiple sources and restore water quality for all to enjoy” (Chesapeake Bay Program).
The Chesapeake Bay Program is doing many things to help with prevention of water quality. Extreme amounts of nutrients and sedimentation are entering the …show more content…

For example, the Monkton Fly Shop in Maryland will be cleaning six wader wash stations so waders can be cleaned from invasive species. These wash stations are there to wash invasive species off of waders so invasive species are not transferred into the Chesapeake Bay. The fly shop’s twice weekly online fishing report ( regularly reminds Gunpowder anglers to wash, scrub, and rinse their boots and wading shoes (Anonymous 2011). Felt soles on the waders trap invasive species within the felt and when the waders are used again the invasive species are transferred to that water source. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is following actions already taken by New Zealand, Alaska, and Vermont to prohibit the use of felt soles (Anonymous 2011).
Scientists studying fish in the Chesapeake Bay stated that they have discovered mycobacteria in some of the fish, causing ulcers, emaciation and sometimes death. The article also talks about this kind of mycobacteria having harmful effects on humans. People should be more careful about dealing with fish in the Chesapeake Bay. While the scientists are still studying and learning about this new discovery, they are also looking into and leaning towards prevention. According to the article, “Mycobacteria isolated from Chesapeake Bay fish”, “Studies are currently underway to

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