Chicanos And The Liberal Agenda

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Chicanos and the Liberal Agenda In the early sixties, when times were of segregation, racism and discrimination, Chicanos often suffered the most. It was a dark time for Mexican-Americans, who were negatively referred as ‘Chicanos’. Chicanos did not always have the empowered meaning it has today. In the early sixties, ‘Chicano’ was often used to refer to Mexican-Americans’ as lower class, ignorant and as a derogatory racial identification. Furthermore, racism, exploitation, inequality, conformity and assimilation were all main factors of the early sixties liberal agenda. Chicanos often faced numerous struggles as Mexican-Americans were often exploited profoundly in the workplace. Along with being exploited, Chicanos often face new threats like being fired, pay cuts, and ultimately deportation due racism. Anglo societies were advanced due to the inequalities Chicanos faced from education system and workplace. In addition, Chicanos who were proud to be ‘brown’ or embraced their culture, and practice their norms were often seen as outcast. The sixties main focus of the liberal agenda was to conform the Mexican-American. The liberal agenda attempt to make Chicanos deny their culture and assimilate to the Anglo culture. However, Chicanos often did not assimilate and conform. Chicanos often displayed their pride by dressing in their zoot zoot attires, speaking their language and embracing their culture. As a way to fight back, Chicanos embraced their culture in their music

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