Analysis Of Quixote 's Soldiers By Cesar Chavez Essay

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Depicted on the cover of Quixote’s Soldiers is a group of Mexican- American men and women in protest formation. They carry with them signs that say “Justice for La Raza,” “Ando sangrando igual que tu,” and “Cops out of our communities!” David Montejano argues that Mexican- American reform groups are often left out of the Civil Rights Movement taught in a classroom. San Antonio was the birthplace of the Chicano movement. Here, various organizations were formed to encourage the government to increase Mexican- Americans opportunities in the educational field as well as in the work field. The Brown Power movement campaigned for Mexican- Americans to reject assimilation into the American mainstream society, and celebrate their Chicano history. La Causa, or “The Cause” of this movement, began as farm worker strikes in California and Southwest region. (Montejano, 10) Farmworkers demanded fair wages and suitable working conditions, but they also faced inequality outside of the workplace. Inspired by Cesar Chavez, young Chicanos in San Antonio began to form organizations that would challenge the injustice and inequality treatment they faced as citizens of the United States. The Civil Rights Movement of African- Americans also impacted and influenced the young generation of the Chicano Movement. They shared one common enemy: the white- elite. Their basic rights as a citizen were being withheld and they organized to fight to retrieve them. The West and South regions of San Antonio

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