Chicken Culling Problems

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Chicken culling is a major problem in today's chicken industry. Chicken culling is when the chicken factories throw the male chickens away by grinding them up because they give no purpose. These factories only keep female chickens because of their ability to lay eggs and produce more breast meat. Culling chickens is a problem because male chickens could induce a major use to our chicken intake. There are billions of people in the world and it is increasing more and more everyday, which require food to survive, so the world is expected to be in food shortage by 2050. This is why we need to stop culling chickens and utilise the meat that we have. I want to get rid of this problem so we don’t run out of food and so we don’t get to the point where it is considered animal cruelty.
The chicken factories start off by raising the eggs until they hatch and then nourishing them to about 3 days old. These farmers tend to not take care of these chickens as they should. All of the chickens are not well raised because they’re not in an environment that they like. They prefer to be raised on a farm and have room to roam. These chickens are born in a box and are kept in a very large room with a couple thousand chickens in that room, they experience no room to even move. The females are usually taken care of better than the males. They suffer for 3 days and are very scared.
After 3 days, these frightened chickens that were abused and not taken care of get thrown around even more on hard

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