Animal Cruelty Linked to the Food Industry in the United States

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Countless slaughterhouses, chicken farms, and other meat producers have been found guilty of harming animals and killing them inhumanely. This is something that clearly needs to change.
One case of animal abuse in the U.S. food industry is the Central Valley Meat Co, located in Hanford, California. Employees at the Hanford Slaughterhouse were caught on video killing cows violently and inhumanely, neglecting to render cows unconscious before slaughter, and other forms of abuse. Many of the cows appeared to be sick and unable to walk as well. Under federal rules, sick animals can’t be slaughtered for human consumption. (Nidever)
The video showed “…downed cows shot in the head several times and still struggling and kicking as workers walked away. Workers appeared to be suffocating some downed cows by standing on their mouths and nostrils.” (Nidever) Cows are required to be stunned with a pneumatic gun before slaughter so they are rendered unconscious. However, there were many cows thrashing around while going to slaughter.
Once this footage surfaced, Central Valley Meat Co was shut down temporarily by the United States Agriculture Department for investigation. The USDA discontinued buying meat from the company for their school lunch programs until the company corrected its violations. (Associated press)
It is worth mention that the USDA only discontinued buying meat from Central…
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