Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Child abuse is mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation.Child abuse happens to children all over the world. There are four different types of child abuse. physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and child neglect. Approximately 5 children die everyday because of child abuse. child abuse can physically and mentally harm a child by having Symptoms of nightmares, depression, and isolation. These symptoms can continue into adulthood. “one out of three girls and one out of five boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18”. nobody knows what 's going on at home because the children are scared or either threaten by the abuser to not tell anyone anything.

Physical abuse is when a parent or caregiver causes any kind of physical injury to a child. physical abuse includes whipping , biting , kicking and choking. physical abuse can result in broken bones, brain damage , emotional and psychological harm. There are several reasons why adults or caregivers abuse children . one reason can be that the adult or caregiver was abused by their parents when they were children so when they grow up they choose to abuse children like they were abused. another reason can be as in a form of punishment or disciplinary action . some parents or caregivers think pain to kids can get them to listen and act right when they have bad behavior. “Signs of physical abuse in a caregiver or parent are , can 't or won’t explain injury…
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