Child Care Case Study

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Changes occur daily throughout our lives, some seemingly effortless while others requiring predetermined thought and actions to make the transitions more bearable. For patients who have outgrown the services of the pediatric clinic, a major transition must occur, one that involves giving up what is known and secure for an adult world that can be daunting and terrifying to explore. Tierney et al. (2013) explored the types of experiences that young adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) underwent in transferring from the pediatric service to the adult clinic. The importance of this study was supported by the explicitly stated notion that “a better understanding of transfer from the perspective of young people could assist with developing…show more content…
The purpose of this study was to understand what individuals experienced in their transition from the pediatric to adult service in patients with CF (Tierney et al., 2013). This was clearly stated in the research article. Research questions were not identified in this study and therefore it cannot be determined if they are congruent with the qualitative methodology. During the process of analysis, liminality or the transition of a person from one stage or experience to another, was identified to help understand the experience patients undergo when transitioning (Tierney et al., 2013). The authors did not initially question if a parallel existed between the concept of liminality and the experience of transitioning; however, I can only assume that this would later have been a question in their study that they sought answers to as it was it discussed in thorough detail in their results. The review of literature supported the need for the current study evidenced by the fact that the current literature regarding transfer of care and CF were in-depth with a qualitative design (Tierney et al., 2013). Previous studies regarding this topic were quantitative in nature and focused on the type of services that were delivered to the patient (Tierney et al., 2013). Only two studies, aside from the current one, were noted to utilize interviews of patients and families to explore the same experiences that the researchers of
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