Child Custody Rules Essay

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The beginning of the fall semester can be a difficult time for co-parenting families, especially with regard to child custody. The transition from summer vacation to school can present a variety of issues, as parents must readjust their schedules to accommodate for various obligations imposed by the new school year. To avoid conflict and ensure a stress-free segue, it is important that co-parents re-examine and update their child custody arrangements. Below, the family law attorneys at Coyne, Cundiff & Hillemann, P.C. in Lake St. Louis, MO offer three back-to-school child custody tips to help you through the transition.

Consistency is Key
Children thrive with consistency. Begin by referring to last year’s school schedule. Most custody arrangements …show more content…

If possible, try to avoid a schedule that changes week-to-week. Sit down with your co-parent and attempt to create a simple, consistent schedule to carry your family through the school year.

Be Flexible
Schedule conflicts will happen. In addition to school schedules, co-parents must now accommodate for recitals, football practice, field trips, and other school-related functions. The more flexible you are with visitation, the easier it will be on the entire family. Make a point to plan out events ahead of time, substituting visitation times when necessary. Sitting in for your co-parent on occasion can benefit you greatly, should you run into your own schedule conflict(s) down the road.

Plan Ahead
The school year is riddled with parent teacher conferences, PTA meetings, and various holidays. Planning ahead will help you and your co-parent avoid unnecessary turmoil while ensuring that your child’s needs are met. If you want to take your child away for the holidays, be sure to discuss your plans with your co-parent far in advance. Consider maintaining a shared calendar to ensure everyone is on the same page. Should your child be involved in an emergency situation or require assistance, each party will know who to

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