Tips For A Great Parent Communication Plan

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Introduction In the world of Early Elementary Education, it is important to collaborate with not only the students but also the families of students, and keep them informed about the everyday routines of school life. In 1st grade, the students and families are excited, but also scared, to be acclimated to new school hours. This is necessary to the overall academic performance, and outcomes of all students, as well as helping families and students come together. When educators and families develop good collaboration skills, many positive factors can happen. This includes academic achievement increasing, disciplinary problems decreasing, and attendance increasing. In the article “8 Tips for a Great Parent Communication Plan,” by Nikkie…show more content…
This is a very good percentage rate. The median household income is $75,809, with 7.5% of individuals living below poverty level (US Census Bureau, 2010). In regards to the town, the total population is 1,542, with 1,380 people being White, 8 Black or African American, 46 American Indian and Alaska Native, 70 Asian, and lastly, 69 Hispanic of Latino (US Census Bureau, 2010). Through my personal observations and research, I observed 3 Church’s in Millbrook. This includes Grace Episcopal Church, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, and Lyall Christian Church. Community Strengths and Resources The community is very small but offers a lot of family support, which helps brings the community together. The local library is a fun place for the community to get together and has a Youth Services Department, which serves age’s birth- 18 years old. They offer story time, play groups, LEGO club, “Reading with Wrigley: the therapy dog, special events, and performers (Library, 2017). For grades 6-12 the library plans monthly events such as Wii gaming, games, Wi-Fi, and food to help aid in fun activities for teens. The library also offers weekend, and weeknight activities for the community to get together such as cooking, researching advice, computer tutoring, chess nights, resume help, wine tasting, storytelling, and book readings (Library, 2017). Furthermore, with the 3 churches in Millbrook, they all
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