Child Deception Research Paper

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alqattan. Problem-solution-assignment, 2016 Deception: when children lie. For adults, deception is sometimes necessary to avoid hurting someone’s feeling to accomplish a task. For example, parents may need to practice deception, but at the same time they do not want to their children to lie. This is problematic. How can parents be a good example for their sons and daughter? How would children obey their parents when they are told not to lie? Although parents tend to teach their children to deceive others, children continue practicing deception. In fact, children at different age groups engage in verbal and behavioral deception. Research shows that parents know that children engage in verbal and behavioral deception, and they also know how young children express their deception. Interestingly, parents usually want their children to lie. As children…show more content…
Many empirical studies such as Lewis, address the problem of children who lie at an early age. Lewis et al. (1989) found that children at an early age practice deception in “naturalistic situations” The significance of this study lies in the fact that adults including parents must understand “the socialization of emotion and the relationship between internal states and external expressions” of our children (Lewis et al., 1989, p. 439). The problem is that many parents teach their children and that lying is wrong and often insist to tell their children not to lie (not to deceive) others. For example, parents teach their children when you are given a gift and you do not like, just say ‘thank you’ or express your feeling in a good way. The answer “thank you” for something they do not like is considered a polite response that parents teach their children to say. In other words, such a response is considered prosocial while for others could be antisocial (Lewis et al.,
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