Child Protection And The Family

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One of the prominent points that has arisen concerning both the child and the family is that of the GP’s and doctors assessment, conflicting with the mother’s diagnosis. The legal issues here concerns the right of the GP and their legal status in regard to Child protection and the burden and responsibility they take, which needs to be set out clearly for any social worker to relate back to. ’14 times over the last 6 months’ is a stand out figure that clearly shows some cause for concern, which would need to be looked into by a social worker due to the doctors thinking Maude is ‘making up symptoms.’ The GP themselves should be very rigorous and cautious at this point to ensure that the child is protected over a period of time by reporting …show more content…

Here the main benefit to both the family and child would be the need of early help to prevent any future cases of neglect. As nothing has happened yet, this is only hypothetical and also can be used as a solution, it would be down to the social worker to report and note any irregularity relating to the child that may develop into serious neglect in the future for the benefit of the court/local authority. Social workers have a duty to abide by legislation and a power to enforce it, in Section 7 of the Child protection Act 1989 it clearly states that welfare reports may be requested by the court from the local authority, or a social worker to use as evidence to make a judgement.

Hard to cope, single parent, struggling, chaotic, No one to turn too – forgot to give tiny breakfast

As stated by the social worker Maude feels things are ‘chaotic’ and is ‘struggling to bring up her child’ along with forgetting to give Tiny breakfast a couple times. To note there are a multiple different outcomes the local authority can have put into place to help Maude feel less strenuous, from an analytical standpoint being a single parent is very hard and often is traumatising for children and parents alike. Here a Family Assistance Order under Section 16 of the Children Act 1989 can be authorised as the best probable outcome. These may be made

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