Child Psychology, lesson 1 Essay

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Why it is difficult for researchers to isolate specific causes of child behaviour - using two of your own examples. How is the term “correlation” a solution to this problem? It is difficult for researchers to isolate specific causes of child behaviour because each child’s environmental settings and values are different from one to another. Most scientists agree that genes have some influence over general intelligence and special aptitudes in such activities as athletics, mathematics, music, and science. But genes are not the only factor involved in producing these characteristics. In some cases, the child may inherit some genes, which would enable him/her, to become a very good dancer, pianist, painter, etc., but if the …show more content…

The ideal environment is, when it is no victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We see that so much in Thailand, the aid workers try to teach them how to live a normal life, to play, to learn and enjoy the childhood, but it is very difficult. The damage is already done. Sometimes their own parents sell them for the money. Schools are over populated here, 40-50 pupils in one classroom, learning process is not easy. Because of that it is impossible for the teachers to pay attention to every student in the classroom and to get almost the same result, because of that many pupils just attending the classroom without any interest in studying or learning. Things are different in international schools in Thailand. Most children have loving and carrying families, education, dreams and goals. The class size is small, 10-15 pupils. They learn to have there own opinion and a way of thinking. Parents are much more involved in their school life and activates. They are socially active and independent. Communication skill are much better between parents and teachers, compare with the public Thai schools. They have all kinds of activities and different learning skills for their future. They have yearly camping trips that are teaching them different skills. The ideal environment also is to learn good family values. In Thailand children learn to take care of each other from their parents and grandparents, respect elderly; love

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