Child Reflection Paper

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As I am on a gurney being rushed to the operating room, my heart is racing and I'm scared to death. Just moments before the doctor was in my hospital room telling me, “Things don’t look good, we are taking you to the OR, your blood work and vitals are not good. If I don’t take the baby now you could die!” Everything flashes before me, I panic. Some of my family wasn’t here yet and my baby may not survive. Several days before this I was sitting in my doctor’s office for a routine prenatal visit, when my blood pressure is through the roof, I have blood in my urine, and water retention. I have been diagnosed with Preeclampsia. He informs me, “Go across the street to the hospital, you will stay until you have the baby.” I am shocked and scared, not to mention it’s only February, my due date is not until the end of May. I am admitted and plan on spending several months in the hospital. I am on complete bed rest, hooked up to monitors, poked for blood and given steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop. Days go by so slow, not much to do but read, play games, and lay in this uncomfortable bed. Nurses give me videos that discuss parenting, newborns, and preemies. Before this I did not know what a preemie was. And honestly I thought I had months before I became a parent, oh boy was I wrong. Twenty-four hours a day, nurses come in and out, they draw blood, check my vitals and give me shots in my abdomen. The doctor comes once a day and goes over my health,
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