Child Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia Essay examples

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Child Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia The world today faces many problems that are being combated by many organizations, yet there are broad ranges of challenges that are waiting to be fixed up but the efforts are not producing great results. One such problem human trafficking has been affecting many lives through years but through recent decades human trafficking both sexually and labor exploitation have risen drastically. Especially, in Southeast Asia, where child sex trafficking is a constant trouble that needs help to be fix. Human trafficking, the movement of people through force for exploiting them, originates to the start of human civilizations, though to a much lesser degree. For example, we see an early version of this in…show more content…
Since then the demand for young girls has rocket through the skies. Many believe that the problem persists because Westerners go to third world countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam where sex tourism is highly known. Recently, a search discovered that local men also have a high demand for young girls. Inclusive, many villages in Southeast Asia have several brothels. Astonishing to many, the members of those communities in fact accept such places where prostitution occurs because in those cultures women are subject as inferiors (Meade). “Modern Slavery” as many call it has carried on in our world for many years and we still need to overcome it. Today, sadly, child sex trafficking in Southeast Asia is alarming. According to the Borjen Project, the World Health Organization estimates that in Thailand there are currently two million sex workers, eighty percent of whom are women under 18 years. One third of the victims in prostitution were children (Human Trafficking). Most of the victims of sex trafficking are children and women from minorities. “Ethnic minorities and women and girls from the northern Hill tribes are especially vulnerable due to their lack of citizenship” (Human Trafficking). Legal status counts for the number one reason why people are trafficked since they do not count with any legal protection from any law and government. In addition, since the minorities and many other ethnic groups do not obtain citizenship from the government
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