Human Trafficking As A Global Essay

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Human Trafficking as a Global Travesty
Shauna Nguyen
University of South Florida Saint Petersburg
This research paper dives into the world of human trafficking looking into key details about the ethical implications of human trafficking as well as proposed solutions. With information such as statistics, methods of trafficking and the ending of trafficking that is found from websites from organizations that are dedicated to ending trafficking, the involvement of all countries are cited as necessary in ending this worldly crime. Information was found through University of South Florida’s library system and websites with information pertaining to their organization’s attempts at ending human trafficking. Articles utilized include Unintended Effects of United Nations Intervention, From Bush to Obama: Rethinking Sex and Religion in the U.S. Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking, Human Trafficking, and Supply and Demand: Human Trafficking in the Global Economy. In addition to these scholarly articles, websites used include the organizational websites of UNODC and UNICEF. Keywords: Human trafficking, ethics of trafficking, trafficking

Shauna Nguyen
INR 3038
27 November 2016
Research Paper Assignment

Human Trafficking as a Global Travesty

At a global level, Human trafficking has two terms that are key to defining it: “[It is] trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or

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