Child Welfare And The Foster Care System Essay

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In 1980, about 500,000 children were in foster care, but a series of successful reforms, began with that year 's Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act, dramatically decreased the number of children in foster care. But in the early 1990s, with the advent of crack cocaine and an economic recession numbers went back up. Child welfare advocates say the foster care system is in need of changes so that children spend less time in foster placements America’s child welfare systems needs an improvement. Some children in care will be separated from their siblings. Others will be transitioned from one foster care placement to another, never knowing where to call home. Too many children will be further abused in systems that are supposed to protect them. And instead of being safely reunified with their families or moved quickly into adoptive homes many will remain for years in foster homes or institutions.
In 2014, over 650,000 children spent time in child welfare foster care system. On average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and seven percent of children in foster care remain in there for five years or more. Majority of children in foster care are very young, the average age of children in care is around the age of nine. In 2014, more than half of children entering U.S. foster care were children of color. While most children in foster care reside with family in the present time, 14 percent of minorities live in institutions or group homes. In

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