Childbirth In America Research Paper

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Christianity runs deeply throughout the veins of America’s oldest traditions, whether Americans themselves realize it or not. Christianity is seen in courtship and the wedding ceremony, but one of the obscure traditions that Christianity had a say in is childbirth. Long ago, menstruation, pregnancy and the pain of childbirth were considered punishment for Eve’s Original Sin, and none were allowed in the House of God. Modernly, this explanation is not so much as established as it was before. Now, pregnancy is looked upon as a beautiful and magical thing.
Stanislav Grof says that “By identifying with the intense experience of the foetus, the individual connects by resonance to the larger field of species consciousness” (Collaboration for …show more content…

Women are taught that childbirth is the biggest blessing you can have, and many times these morals are forced upon by parents. In catholicism, it emphasizes the idea of women needing to be pure, and that if we do not do that we are breaking our relationship with God. Being pure For instance if you grew up very religious and had a child before marriage it can be very worrisome with “other psychological factors [that] are potentially threatening as well. A woman uncomfortable in her relationship with her own mother may discover that pregnancy feels wrong, like a trap that will turn her into a replica of her mother. The sexual nature of pregnancy may also cause distress. A woman raised in a puritanical household may find pregnancy provokes anxiety. Conversely, once a child is born, it visibly sanctions a woman’s sexual activity. For a woman pleased with her sexuality, a child indicates her “accomplishment,” signaling her transformation from girl into woman.” The implications of the ideals placed on women from religion can cause negative results on women during their pregnancies and childbirth. The effect of religion on childbirth is both positive and negative, but also continually changing as modern time develops. While we discuss the benefits of religion we also need to discuss the patriarchal structure that is ingrained in it and the psychological effects it can have on

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