Childhood Discrimination Research Paper

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I was never discriminated because of race, religion, gender. There is one type of discrimination that many people don't think of, your age. Normally peers don't discriminate, because for now we are all around the same, but I am a year, maybe two younger than most of you. This lead to some problems with the school system. There is a rule that if you turn 5 before a certain date you are eligible for kindergarten. I was after that date so instead of Kindergarten I went to a program called Kindersteps or Pre - Kindergarten. This normally leads into Kindergarten then into First Grade, but I skipped the kindergarten part making me a year early into the school system. Going into first grade a year early lead to some complications with the school system and it took more work than necessary to get in. …show more content…

This time my parents did not fight it, but then put me in Algebra Geometry Block

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