Childhood Expectancy And Its Effects On Our Health

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Because of the choices we are making, we are getting sick. Behavior and diet are two characteristics that can change that. The documentary was based on four different districts in Louisville, Kentucky. It used real people to go into details on how each social class affects our health. District 16 is considered the rich area where the people that made six figures lived. The people in this area do not have to worry about fast food or bad food choices because most of them have chefs. Health problems such as heart disease and diabetes are low for this area and the life expectancy is 79 years old. District 24 is the middle class where the life expectancy rate is 75 years old, which is four years lower than the high-class. The people in this …show more content…

Not only do we need to eat healthier to be healthy, we also have to exercise. Exercise is a behavior that not only the low-class neglect but the high class as well.

Who Gets Sick goes hand in hand with this documentary. In class, we discussed how the social classes affect our morbidity and mortality rates. Lower social classes have a higher morbidity and mortality rate than the higher class. This is based on the same information from the documentary. Although in class we discussed how race plays a huge part in our health, we have to look at where the races are located in the social classes.
There are more African Americans in the lower class and they have more health problems than those of other races.

Money is the main issue in both Who Gets Sick and Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and in Wealth. If we had money, we could buy better food choices. If we had money, we would not be stressed about how to pay for medicine and health care. I really enjoyed the documentary. After watching this documentary, I have a whole new perspective on life. I want to be healthier and live longer. Fast food has been my bad habit for too long but after this watching this, it has been easy to let it go. Growing up, I was classified in the low class. Foods, such as zucchini and salmon, were not an option for me. The bad behavior of horrible choices of food comes from the way I was raised. Once I became an adult, I chose to explore

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