Childhood Is More Precious Than Childhood Essay

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In modern day society nothing is more precious than childhood. It is a time full of innocence, love, light and freedom with little to no worries. Childhood has not always been described as this, full of hope and dreams and aspirations, the time to just have fun and not to worry about the future, or wealth. Before the 1800s, childhood was not a thing and children were just seen as miniature adults, with no value, other than to carry on families. It was not until after the 1800s were childhood become a national phenomenon. Childhood is set to be this time were its all play and no work, where your parents or guardian is supposed to take care of you, but what about the children that do not have this luxury? Although childhood is a modern day universal subject recognized, not all children get to live their lives the way they are “meant to”. The problem is dormant within certain societies for many reasons. One is the concept of developed and developing countries and their debt crisis, and another is western and non -Western ideals. With these battling each other, it is hard to communicate which one is right versus which one is wrong. When it comes to children and work, is it wrong? Is it ok? Should it be outlawed? Through universal and critical approaches, it will be shown that although child labour is against the UNCRC, it is crucial for children in some parts of the world to have this active role. Through critical debates child labour would be further developed and questioned

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