Childhood Obesity: A Rising Disease

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The occurrence of childhood obesity has become a huge public health concern in the past few decades although it may not be as widely noticed such as cancer and other diseases like heart and lung disease. Obesity is a disease. This disease is associated with other health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and mental health complications (CDC, 2013). There is a great need for implementation of low-fat, low-sugar, and portion-controlled options available to all children and adolescents at home and school. It is best to teach them early in hopes that they will continue to make healthy eating choices throughout their future. Healthier eating choices will not only have a long lasting effect on their health but also the health and economy of the general public. When a person eats healthier, it is more likely that they will have less health issues in the future in turn lowering healthcare costs and reliance on insurance and public health programs. As a community and country, action needs to be taken now to protect our children and our future.
Background and Context
It is important to change attitudes, knowledge, and practices to achieve the best benefits of new programs. Community programs often start at the local schools to reach out to the children who are more likely to be impressionable and willing to accept these changes (Sunderland, N., Beekhuyzen, J., Kendall, E., & Wolski, M., 2013). There are many different ways to confront obesity in children. Controlling the
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