Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Childhood obesity introduce In addition to the physical harm, obesity and negative psychological impact on children. This is a high risk factors of childhood obesity, which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Obese children always lower than that of healthy children intelligence and operators. Their activities, learning and communication ability is very low, and their depression and low self-esteem can make the children 's sensitivity to interpersonal relationships, introverted personality and social adaptability, affect a child 's mental health. By 2015, 2.3 billion adults are overweight and 700 million obese adults. Obesity among children, meanwhile, the rapid growth of the global nearly one out of 10 teens are overweight, 155 million, about a quarter of obesity. North America, Europe, and the western Pacific region is the worst affected areas in the world, overweight (obesity), increased from 20% to 20%, and the highest in the world of childhood obesity in the United States. Overweight or obesity is one of the three. Obesity has become a global epidemic of children 's growth. Childhood obesity is not just a question of health and education, but it is also to a large extent influence the society. Now about 25% of young people are too fat to join the army. Overweight or obesity has become a number can 't recruit one of the reasons for young people. reference My first reference comments and the risks and consequences of

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