Childhood Sexual Abuse Has A Prolonged Effect On The Personality And Behavior Of Young Adults

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There is evidence that proves that childhood sexual abuse has a prolonged effect on the personality and behavior of young adults (Van Reedt Dortland et al, 2012). However, studies are limited in testing whether specific personality traits have an effect on the lasting trauma of a victim. Retrospective estimates indicate that 12–54% of women and 4–15% of men experienced sexual abuse during childhood or adolescence (Czincz, 2013). Therapist attempt to assess every victim with the same general assessments which lead to issues later in life. With special attention given to those high in specific personality traits and knowing the general average level of coping with certain areas of emphasis, therapist could better assess and treat patients. Issues arise when therapist attempt to assess every victim with the same general assessments. Stress research and the framework in which personality is studied in relation to the coping process, has recently conceptualized in the ‘‘third generation’’ research (Ebstrup et al, 2011). The framework in regards to the third generation research refers to roles of personality in coping while maintaining strong operational distinctions between coping, personality appraisal, and adaptational outcomes. The issue that arises is that each patient’s tolerance for stress is different. Personality is a factor that is related to how a person handles many life changes and experiences. This relationship is between personality and coping leads to the

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