Children Are Convicted Of Greater Punishment

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Across the US, juveniles are tried as adults when they perpetrate felonies such as violent offense or rape. Juveniles mainly serve a couple of decades in prison or even have received death penalties. Kids are convicted of greater punishment because the greater the crime, the more likely they are called adults. Although youths get charged as adults “a fifteen-year-old youth was mimicking a TV program about little girls who rob a bank and was given a 26-years-to-life prison term. Thomas Preciado was fourteen when he stabbed to death a mini-mart clerk” (Lundstrom). These guidelines must not be applied to kids because they may be pressured or threatened by a character. The punishment should be reduced to a couple of years, after all, it is …show more content…

Politicians soon responded to those fears, and to concerns about the perceived inadequacies of state juvenile justice systems, by lowering the age at which children could be transferred to adult courts.” The media has created a stereotype regarding juveniles that have negatively affected them in curts. Due to this stereotype, many youths have been victims of injustice treatment. Due to not having a fully developed brain, many teenagers are at risk of acting on impulse rather than fully understanding their action; therefore, the courts should keep this into consideration when dealing with juveniles.
There is various numbers of interpretations for juvenile problems that are being tried as adults. Juveniles must not be tried as adults because teens are not mature enough to be charged as adults which means the courthouses should not give severe punishments such as: life sentence in prison or even death sentence also, guidelines of the court system do not apply to the kids. One way we can fix the complications is by giving teens consistent punishment for felonies. Another solution for the youths that have undeveloped minds is to understand their psyche. Although all juveniles should get an equal amount of time in prison “few believe that criminal genes are inherited from parental abuse and negative home lives” (Garinger). If crime is in the genes then kids are more likely to commit an offense. Also

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