Adult Criminal Justice System

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In today’s society, the judicial system is meant to be just and fair to the people and criminals of this world. When the trial has concluded, the judge will have decided the verdict of the criminal. However, a juvenile criminal faces the possibility of transferring over to the adult judicial system. At first glance this appears to be fair, but in reality doing this is not logical, delivering justice, and can possibly damage a teenager’s life forever. No teenager should have to face the punishment of an adult because the juvenile will not have fully developed the brain at such early of an age, will have created a life lasting barrier from employment and may create even more future crimes, rather than stopping them. Paul Thompson, an assistant…show more content…
But an adult conviction can limit a juvenile’s opportunities in life. In the “Campaign For Youth and Justice” article, the author states, “While most juvenile records are sealed, adult convictions become public record and, depending on the state and the crime, can limit a youth’s job prospects for a lifetime.” (State Trends: Legislative Changes from 2005 to 2010 Removing Youth from the Adult Criminal Justice System Page 18) At first this sounded a bit unfair and too much of a punishment, then I read on to a scenario where two teenagers were caught shoplifting. It states, “One is from North Carolina, the other from Tennessee. In Tennessee, a youth arrested for shoplifting is likely to be prosecuted in the juvenile system and probably would not have to report his or her youthful indiscretion. However, a youth arrested for the same crime in North Carolina will be charged as an adult and will have an adult criminal conviction for life.” To see that something as little as shoplifting would land you with an adult conviction and a public account of it was absolutely cruel and unfair to the juvenile. Because of this, he/she will have an adult conviction against them when they try to find employment in their adulthood. It can be possible for that person to be rejected from becoming a doctor or lawyer because it is allowed for employers to deny anyone with a…show more content…
First off, their brains are lacking the cells to inhibit violent expressions and self-control which explains their hostile nature. An adult conviction would be open to the public which will most likely create a barrier to employment. But because of this, juveniles convicted in the adult system have an increased chance of committing another crime. The only good that can be done with transferring a juvenile over to the adult system is give them a longer sentence, but just by doing that the state has to pay a huge fine just to do so. In retrospect, today’s society should be more lenient on transferring juvenile’s over to the adult judicial system and delivering punishment to the juvenile tried as an
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