Children Are Not Born?

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Children are not born knowing the difference between red and green, nice and mean, cold and hot, or any number of physical or emotional sensations. The natural world is the young child’s first curriculum and can be learned with direct interaction with others. There is no way a young child can learn the difference between being nice and mean, rough and smooth, hot and cold without touching or interacting with others. To better understand how a toddler interacts with others I went to my local day care and observed a group of children for a day. Walking into the room I was automatically met with a group of eyes. In the beginning the children had barely interacted with each other. I had gathered by their physical appearance that most toddlers were still very sleepy. The children had hung their head low and every chance they got they were putting their heads down on any surface. After about an hour settling in, the children were more active and wide-awake. During my observation I noticed that the children were engaging in various types of play through out the day. I was watching a group of five children, two boys and three girls. I noticed associative play first; three out of the five children were playing together. The children will interact and often share the same materials but they each appear to be playing their own games (Baril & Corneal, 2010). I saw some games they were playing such as dress ups, play-dough, siting around playing with farm animals. When playing with…
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