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Children And Education
Gisselle Frattini
Keiser University Children And Education
The World Health Organization created the prerequisites of health back in 1986. They decided that the fundamental conditions and resources of health should include peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable eco-system, sustainable resources, and social justice and equity. ("The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion", 2017). Today we face a social issue that affect many children in United States and the world, lack of education. In this case, I want to examine children affected specifically by poverty and bullying. Why I decided on this two factors? Because is something that I see day to day. According Lessne and Yanez (2016) one in …show more content…

It ensures not only survival but also the general satisfaction of the species. It’s, therefore, integral to health. The prerequisites and prospects for health cannot be guaranteed by the health sector alone. It requires an inter-sectorial approach as has been shown above. Each citizen, community, societies, nations and the world as a whole must play their part. Each person should bear the responsibility of their actions and consequences of such actions to health. The health sectors should mediate between these diverse sectors with differing interests to achieve health of every individual in the community
Human being have a strong need to feel inclusive in all aspects of live. The sense to belong to our community increases our chance to maintain a good health. It is the human nature to build relationships by doing and participating in things together. Most of us create relationships by being part of a family, community, or organization. Belonginess includes things such as family, home, friends, acceptance, land and closeness. This sense to belong to something and to have a support system in our life is what encourages us to keep growing. Maslow believed that belongingness was so important in human life that an absence could result in a sense of maladjustment, lowliness and alienation (1987). It is believed as well that the need to belong has a strong effect on a person’s emotions, cognition and behaviors and negative consequences can deeply affect a person’s

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