Education: ADHD, Dyslexia, And Autism

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Adric Reynolds
Kade Perry
English 1010
23 November 2015
While all children deserve the same chance at an education, our current educational system is built to accommodate only those children who function as society deems normal. This unfortunate fact overlooks children of various so called mental disorders such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism. While these children are still allowed an education, the teachers that are responsible for them are undereducated on how to recognize each child’s particular needs. While some of the easier disorders have been greatly helped in school, autism - which affects communication, social, creativity, and learning skills - is still widely overlooked and severely underserved. The best methods of helping to correct this education oversight are early detection, early intervention, and proper instruction on how to educate children with autism.
One of the biggest reasons for the autism oversight is that the exact is unknown. Though many studies over several fields of science have been made over the years, none have been able to pin-point the actual cause of this neurological affliction. Many parents want to know if their child can be cured and be able to live a normal life, to which the answer is both yes and no. There is no cure for autism, but with the proper treatment and education a child can grow and live a very normal life. The best way to deal with autism is the early detection of it in your child so that you and whatever schools they attend

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