Children Should Be Taught In Schools Research Paper

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“Globally, an estimated 43 million preschool children (under age 5) were overweight or obese in 2010, a 60 percent increase since 1990” (“Too Many”). Almost everyone in the world today knows or has seen a young child struggling with weight issues, and frankly it’s not their fault entirely. In today’s world, parentsinstantly feed them when young children (especially infants) are crying, even when hunger may not be the issue. Children are eating more calories than they and aren’t exercising like they should. Parents today need to tell their children to play outside, instead of playing video games. Unacceptable parenting has contributed to childhood obesity for years, and now with numbers higher than ever, parents should be better educated. Child …show more content…

Parents need to make their children play outside more. Kids are taking in more calories than what they are burning off during exercise. Children need to be outside running around with their friend at the park, getting the exercise they need. Kids are not getting to play as much as they should be. Some schools have shortened recess or taken it away completely, which is where most kids got their exercise. There are more issues with safety now in modern times than before, which is a big reason why parents won’t let their kids play outside. “Parent to Blame for Obese Children” shows how over-protection isn’t healthy, “But so is over-protection by parents who drive them to school and stop them from playing outside because of safety fears” (Hope). Parents are afraid of their children being taken between the walk from school and home, which is understandable but you can’t live your life in constant fear. Although this is an issue, doesn’t mean parents couldn’t go for a walk with their children every day or sit at the park while their children play. Although safety is more of an issue, parents are becoming lazier and more selfish and not wanting to take their children to get the exercise they need. Parents could go exercise with their kids or have their child play a sport to keep them in

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