Children Should Not Adopt Children Essay

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Society views adoption as a wonderful, beautiful thing that could be a positive effect for the adopted child, but cannot see the negative effects it has on the family as a whole or the biological children. From the perspectives of the parents adopting, the biological children, and of the adopted child, adoption is much more complicated than it initially seems. Families that already have biological children should not adopt children.

Growing from a family of four to a family of seven has had the biggest affect on my life, both positive and negative. My parents brought my three adopted siblings permanently into the family when I was four, but they were practically living with us since I was born. Living with a family of seven in a little, run down, brown-rustic colored, and memory filled mobile home in a community of similar but uniquely individual trailers lined up next to each other having their own story to tell holds a very impacting memory of my life. People may think that adopting children into a family who already have biological children is a great option, but in the process do not consider their own child’s happiness in the near future or the problems and struggles caused by a non-blood related sibling forced into their life. There was one time I got so mad at Alexis because we were fighting, for something I can’t even remember now, that I pushed her head into the wall and broke her glasses.That was one of the many arguments and fights we have had.


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