Children Should Not Fear Their Parents

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“A cute little kid is playing in the playground, not even worried about a thing. The child is smiling from ear to ear and running around having so much fun like a little kid should be. But when the child goes home, the child gets yelled at, hit on and brutally beaten up by his own parents for no reason. She ends up with bruises, and cuts all on her body. She is crying because of all the pain and she has so much fear towards her parents. Is that something a child deserves? Absolutely not!” This here is a very true story and very common when it comes to children that are getting abused at home. They do not even see it coming. Sad part is most of these children do not get the help they need when they are behind doors.
“Children should not fear their parents, but instead, should develop a respect for their parents and their rules for the household.” (Abuse and Discipline) This is a very great way that most children should be towards their parents because when you teach a child from right and wrong then they will know that a consequence will follow up if they are being rebel against or breaking their rules. So they will know that they are going to get a punishment if they break a rule. When a parent and a child respect each other they have a great relationship! They have that bond that most parents and children should have. Instead of having being neglected and or having an abusive relationship with a child.
In our minds, we know that discipline is a strict way to control and…
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